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​​​How To Shop For Your New Carpet

Shopping for carpet is an exciting process.  Color, yarn composition, style, quality, and price, are all important factors to consider.  Ask your friends and coworkers about their carpet buying experience: were they happy with the process as well as the price? Ask how long the carpet has been installed, and if they are satisfied with the carpet’s performance.  Ask where they purchased it, and if they would go back.  Ask what factors influenced their purchase: price, style, quality & performance, assistance from sales person?

The answers should point you towards a floor covering supplier you can trust, and who is a professional. Your professional carpet dealer is knowledgeable about the fibers, pad, colors, styles, and installation techniques.

Be prepared:

Before you visit your carpet store do some homework.  Decide which areas you want carpeted and measure in feet – 8’, 10.5’ - both the length and the width.  You can determine approximate square yards with this formula: (L x W)/8.  It won’t be exact, but will allow for a close estimate.  Write this down and bring it with you when you shop.

Think about your lifestyle, family members and pets, your expectation of the carpet’s performance, your color scheme, and your concerns about wear, cleanability, footprints, seams, and so on. Your professional carpet dealer will ask these questions and guide you to the carpets that best suit your needs.

Rating Carpet:

In theory, it should be possible to rate carpet. The reality is that most rating systems - invented by carpet manufacturers - do not consider factors other than wear. Wear is defined as a noticeable change in the carpet’s appearance in traffic areas. This means an inexpensive multicolor carpet that hides soil and footprints could receive a higher rating than a dense, expensive plush.  The plush would show some signs of footprints and soil before being noticed on the multicolor.  Your professional carpet dealer will explain why a certain carpet is a better fit than another for your lifestyle and preferences.

Environmental Concerns:

The carpet you buy today has 100 times less VOC’s than the emissions you would experience when painting the inside of a typical bedroom. If you allow for good ventilation during installation, there will not be a problem with carpet or pad fumes.

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