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Where should you shop for carpet?

There are many reasons why shopping at your Locally Owned Dealer is the best option. This person has a stake in your community.  A local dealer provides service after the sale. Rest assured that any carpet concerns that arise will be handled quickly, as you are a neighbor. If you feel like just another customer at other carpet stores, try your local store. You’ll find great service with professional concern for your particular floorcovering needs. Ask your friends and neighbors about your local floor covering store. Check out angieslist.com under Carpet Sales and Installation. The best deal may be right in your own backyard.

Big Box Home Centers would like you to believe they have the cheapest prices.  Their carpet is usually all privately labeled, making it impossible to compare. Big Box stores often experience high staff turnover – how well does that new staff person really know carpet?

Super Carpet Stores have to cover large overhead for buildings and advertising.  That overhead cost is passed on to you at purchase.  These stores also private label the carpet they sell. How can you compare your carpet choices?

Brokers or Wholesalers deal in sales, not service.  You’ll need to find a carpet installer you trust.  Are you prepared to pay for any labor expenses that may evolve out of a defective carpet claim? Then a wholesaler might be an option to consider, but the risk may well negate the small savings.