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If you are about to buy carpet because of the warranty sounds good, stop and think about the following before you buy.

Warranties have strict conditions that the consumer must follow or the warranty is null and void.

The most common limitation is “your carpet must be cleaned every 18 to 24 months”.  If you do not have a receipt from a IICRC certified carpet cleaner, don’t bother to file a claim.
The “10 Year Warranty” has conditions, as well.  Reading it often reveals that the carpet manufacturer is only obligated to replace the area of the carpet that is affected – not the whole room of carpet.
The Stain Warranty offers similar fine print.  Here are some examples that will void your warranty:    

a) Non-food and non-beverage items e.g. your dog pukes on your carpet; no warranty.

b) Certain foods and beverages containing strongly colored dyes, as found in mustard herbal tea, or other products;

c) Substances that destroy or change the color of carpet e.g. bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners, plant food or others;

d) Vomit, urine and feces, regardless of who or what caused it.

e) The stain occurred in a high traffic area – where there can be slight loss of stain resistance.

f) You must clean the carpet using certain procedures. If not successful, call a professional cleaner, keep your receipt, and if the stain was not removed, then submit it within 30 days from the cleaning date.  If the stain is removed, you still foot the cleaning bill.​

​4. The “No Crush-No Mat Warranty” really talks about texture retention, particularly during the first 5 years. This type of warranty is prorated, for example, if your carpet is 3 years old, the reimbursement value is only 60%.  You must have maintained your carpet by having it professionally cleaned every 18 to 24 months. Stairs are expressly excluded from this warranty. The twist level of the fiber determines if the texture is damaged enough to warrant replacement. If just the top of the fibers are frayed, you will not have a valid claim.

5. The last warranty type is that offered by the dealer. The dealer’s warranty is no better than the integrity of the dealer’s business. Ask to see the “fine print”. You will discover it is based on the same type of guidelines as those warranties discussed in the paragraphs above.